Everything is PRACTICE!

Transform your BODY and LIFE by Calisthenics Workout.

Who I am What I do


What kind of bodies do you want to transform?
And do you already set your goal?

If you already set, I help you to achieve your goal and then to be good health.
If you not yet, I help you to set your goal and also then to be good health.

My basic coaching method is so simple, to make you keep your good health and then make you achieve your goal.
Do you know the reason?

Because health is everything but almost people never know what health is, maybe you don’t know either.
Without your good health, you cannot transform your body and cannot achieve your goal.

Health is customary!

I’m David Liu

Calisthenics Personal Trainer for middle age

What I can do for YOU

Personal Training

Basically you don’t need to go to gym to train.
I coach you how to train your body you want to transform anytime anyplace.

Weight Control

I never recommend you are on any diets.
I coach you how to control to eat to transform your body and to be health.

Archive Goals

I help you to set your goal clearly and certainly support you to archive your goal yourself!

YOU should also know…

  • Health is not to cure your illness.
  • Health is not to keep your weight right.
  • Health is not that you don’t have any sick.

But I know what health is and I can make you keep your good health and achieve your goal by calisthenics workout although any doctors cannot do.
Calisthenics Workout is a magic to transform your body and life.

Don’t worry, and just trust me.
Let’s change your body and life together by calisthenics workout!

Let’s Get Started RIGHT NOW!

Better NOW than later!
 is the time to ACT!

Because YOU only get ONE LIFE, no second chances in life!

No hesitate to do what you think is RIGHT!