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No Reason, No Excuse

My Methods(Pull Up? or Give Up?)

You are not young, also I am not young. We are middle age! So even if we train the same way as young guys, it is not necessarily the same as getting benefit. Because we are old, it’s true! Even we do pull up, I found a lot of training way for middle ages to get healthy. I’ll support and teach you to get healthier by calisthenics workout or exercise.

Health is habit! It’s the same that you practice the custom of brushing your teeth everyday. You should become habitual to getting healthy. Health is not optional, health is priority #1 for your life! Almost people tend to put health off till later, it’s completely wrong! If you think just like that, you must change your mind habit. Don’t give up to get healthy! I’ll make you keep health a habit!

push yourself
for health
because no one
else is going
to do it for you

All medical doctors cannot make you get healthy. Do you know why? Because they are just expert on diseases. It means “Few lawyers die well, few physicians live well.”. You have to be expert on health yourself. Everybody can do it, of course you can do it. First step of getting healthy, you should start learning calisthenics workout!


You’re not reaching your potential!

Remember when you were young! Don’t be comparison to other people! Just compare you to yesterday!

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