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Are you healthy?
Do you stay healthy well?
Can you say that you stay healthy now?

This site mission is to stay healthy for many years to come by calisthenics workout from middle aged, over 40s.

I believe the words “Age is just a number!”. I’m already old guy, over 50s, but I can do some workout with young guys. Of course I cannot do same performance as young guys, e.g. young guys, they can do workout everyday but I cannot, a week 3 or 4 times enough. Because as renewing body strength, old guys are not in it with young guys physiologically.

I tell you again this site mission is to stay healthy, not to compete against young guys. But “Health” is not to have no illness or injuries. Aging makes everyone easy to injuries or illness and makes everyone difficult to be cure. It’s natural part of aging. Maybe you know as much about your aging, right? “Health” is condition that you can do everything you want and you must do everyday with a lot of energy even if you have some illness. “Health” is not to have no sicks, “health” is to be activate your body and mind to make your life more energetic and motivated.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.  Gene Tunney

He said is right so you should exercise. But what kind of exercises should you do? I recommend you should do calisthenics workout. Urban calisthenics workout is:

  • You can perform anywhere indoor or outdoor
  • Basically you don’t need training or gym equipments
  • You can encourage your healthy living

Before not doing calisthenics workout, I could not say confidently I stay healthy. But after starting calisthenics workout, I could change my body, my health and my life. And now I’m keeping good body condition!

Of course I’m not young, so I cannot do same performance as young guys, also you cannot do. It’s true! But I also said we don’t need to compare against young guys, we should compare ourselves your present to your past. I strongly and certainly tell you that if you start to do calisthenics workout, you can get more healthier than before, it’s also true! And after you’ll get healthier, you’ll be able to get body you want! What kind of body do you want?

OK. So now your turn! Let’s go to park and start calisthenics workout for the middle aged to transform your body and life!


Without your health, you’ve got nothing going on. I thank God every day for good health.  Ric Flair


Updated: 2018/11/01

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