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Are you healthy?
Do you stay healthy well?
Can you say that I stay healthy now?

This site mission is to stay healthy for many years to come by calisthenics workout from middle ages. just like “Ichiro”.

Don’t you know “Ichiro”?
Unbelievable! Impossible!

Major Leaguer “Ichiro Suzuki“, you know, right?

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ichiro_Suzuki

At the time of writing now(2017/04/29), he is 43 years old, already middle age. But at the interview(2016), he said himself “I’m already old man in Major League”. Now the average of Major Leaguers’ age is 29, the average of seasons is 9, so how about Ichiro? On terms of present Major League, maybe he is right, he is old man in Major League. But his performance as player is not bad, do you think the reason why he can do? I think, Ichiro, he takes care to keep himself healthy as a baseball player. How about you? Do you keep to stay healthy in your life?

Before not doing calisthenics workout, I could not say confidently I stay healthy.
But after starting calisthenics workout, I can change my body, my health and my life!

Of course I’m not young, so I cannot do same performance as young guys, also you cannot do. It’s true! But we don’t need to compare young guys, we should compare ourselves your present to your past. I strongly and certainly tell you that if you start to do calisthenics workout, you can get more healthier than before, it’s also true!

OK, from now I tell you the determine of two words;

One: calisthenics

As Calisthenics is
Urban Calisthenics is a form of street workout; calisthenics groups perform exercise routines in urban areas. Individuals and groups train to be able to perform advanced calisthenics skills such as muscle ups, bars spins and both front and back levers.”
Usually I go to park and do workout, pull-up, muscle-up, push-up and so on. From now you also start doing.

Two: Health
One this site, the determine of a word “health” is very very important!
“Health” is not to have no sicks, “health” is to be activate your body and mind to make your life more energetic and motivated. And after you’ll get healthier, you’ll be able to get body you want! So what kind of body do you want?

OK, now let’s start calisthenics workout for middle age to change your body and life!

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