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When I was kid, teenager, my hero was “Bruce Lee“, he was strong and his body was ripped.


And now I set my goal to transform and keep my body like “Captain America(Cris Evans)” or “Jason Statham“.

Chris Evans Captain America Source:
Jason Statham Source:

So I’d like to ask you “What kind of body do you want to transform?“.

Mission of this site is to get healthier, and because of staying healthy you can get body you want. Calisthenics workout is just one of ways to get to your goal. But despite many people make goal, e.g. to diet or to lose wight, few people can effect, why?

Haven’t you experienced the same?

Of course I’ve also experienced, people of not only failure diet and wight lose but also failure of making goals do not make clear your fear to not effect your goals. Surely you need to create clear goals, e.g. now you weight is 80kg and you want to lose weight 5kg. But you have to think you want to be 75kg. To lose weight 5kg is the same result to be 75kg, but to be more clear you must think to be 75kg.

And after losing weight you should make clear what you want to do, e.g. put on favorite cloths that you could not wear. But even if making more clear like that many people cannot effect their goals. Do you know the reason?

Because they never consider what fears you lie ahead for if you cannot effect your goals. It means if you cannot make goals you should know what kind of fears cost you.

I don’t know your fear clearly, but you know clearly!

If you fail to lose weight, it may cost you your job, your health, you know yourself, right? And I tell you again this site mission is to get more healthier and after that you get your favorite body.

So guys, image your fears that you fail to get healthy. This is the first step to succeed your goals!

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