Core(abs) Workout Secret for Middle Age

Core(abs) Workout Secret for Middle age

Do you like core workout?
I like it because core muscles are important for our body and health.
But … Is your core exercise correct?

When you think of core workout, especially abs workout, maybe you come to mind sit ups, crunch and so on. But almost people mistake to do core workout. So how do you do core workout correctly?

In fact, core workout is so simple, you don’t need to do complicate training. You just keep to focus two points when you do core(abs) workout.

OK, now check some pictures and a video do core workout correctly.

Your low back must be flat

1. flat your low back

In general when we lie on the floor on our back, our low back is curved. It’s normal, no problem. But when we do core workout laying on the back, it’s no good. you must fit low back, from coccygeal bone to thoracolumbar fascia when you do core training laying on the back.

For doing it your leg must raise like next photo.

2. look up at a ceiling(or sky)

And another important point is looking up at a ceiling when you do core workout laying on the back. E.g. when you do crunch, maybe you look up your knee, right? In most cases, almost people is the same, they look up and move face closer to their knee. Just like exercise it’s nothing to train core(abs). If you want to train your core(abs), you must look up at a ceiling or sky.

Because core(abs) is trained when it stresses lengthening muscle. To look up and move face closer to knee is to gather up core(abs) muscle, it cannot train core(abs) muscle.

Anyway check the following video

Not complicate, right?
During core workout, it’s so easy to ignore and forget these two points but if you focus them, you can transform your body health easily. No need to do hard workout. With watching TV you can train your core(abs) if you keep two points.

And you should check the below link. No sit-ups workout. All workouts are not so hard but they are tried and trusted workout! Maybe you already know a few workout but if you don’t transform your body yet, you never really try and trust.

Trust me, and just do it!


Age is just a NUMBER! Try and just do it for what you want!


And also check this video
=> Top 5 core workout(coming soon!)

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