Health is Everything

Not only for middle ages but also for everybody, health is Everything!

We see in expressions “Timing is Everything”. But it just — I wanna say “Health is Everything!”
If someone ask you “Are you healthy now?”, can you answer “Yes, I’m healthy now!” with confidence?

Aging makes everyone easy to injuries or illness and makes everyone difficult to be cure. It’s natural part of aging. Maybe you know as much about your aging, right?
So if somebody ask you “Are you healthy?”, maybe you think it is hard to answer “Of course I’m healthy now!”, right?

That’s big mistake!

I can tell you that “Health” is not to have no illness!
Health is condition that you can do everything you want and you must do everyday with a lot of energy.
E.g. I have a sick. My sick is psoriatic erythroderma. That is behind my ears but not so serious. 30 years ago I’ve developed this sick and not yet recover fully. Medical doctor said it is difficult to make a full recovery.
But I can say “I am healthy now!”. I can do my job, I can do anything I want, and of course I can do workout.

Please watch this video:

Super Old Guy

After watching this video, do you excuse? Don’t you really have enough time to do workout? Today you feel tired, so you don’t want do workout, is that true?
I’ve never talked with you, never asked him by email, chat and so on, but if I ask him “Are you healthy now?” I guess he will answer “I’m fine, I’m healthy, but I’m in treatment for cancer”.

I believe it is necessary to do workout or exercise for making and keeping real health. And also I trust that just like man in the video calisthenics workout is just good exercise as a guide for health check.

So what are you doing now? You have no time for admiration! Just go doing pull-ups now!

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