Monkey Bars Challenge

Monkey Bar is good for workout.

When you were kids, you could be easy to play with monkey bars.
But now it is so hard to do workout with monkey bars, of course to play too.

Do workout with monkey bars, just like kids, you feel? It’s wrong, monkey bars workout is good for getting your performance.
Only one time you just try it the following method. After that you really know it’s good for you.

  1. Hang on the monkey bar
  2. Do one pull up that bar
  3. Cross the next bar
  4. Do one pull up
  5. From end to end bar just do it

So what do you think? You think maybe not impossible, right? Yes! it is not so difficult but if you try it you feel so harder than you thought. This challenge is beginner level so I recommend sometimes you should this challenge to check your performance level and body.

And monkey bars challenge is not only it but also you can try some variations challenge.
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Now I’m trying several challenges and locations of monkey bars. Recently my monkey bars challenge rule is;

  1. Hang on the end of the monkey bar
  2. Do one or two muscle up
  3. Cross the next bar
  4. Do one pull up
  5. From end to end bar just do it

Just like this. This challenge is also simple but more harder than for beginner challenge.

And later I’ll summarize the challenge of monkey bars workout to YouTube, so you also follow this page and YouTube.

Looking forward to next challenge!

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