Muscle Up tutorial for middle age using resistance band

Muscle Up Tutorial for Middle Age using Resistance Band

Do you want to do muscle up?
For people who start calisthenics from middle age, it’s not so easy to do muscle up but not impossible like me.

After my starting calisthenics workout, I really knew muscle up is good for transformation body and health. To learn the skill and master muscle up, mainly you must train whole upper body, but you also need to train upper thigh. So you can train whole body if you try to do muscle up.
But for middle age it’s just a little hard to do muscle up because of not young. If you are early 40s, maybe you can be still hard training for muscle up but you feel tired more easily, if late 40s and 50s, you cannot do hard training for muscle up because of your age, you are old!

Don’t be angry that I said you are old, I’m old too. So I already know we, our middle age, cannot do the same performance with young people. But don’t worry, even if we cannot do the same, we have our own way and performance. And we can do muscle up though we are middle age.

OK, anyway now I tell you how to master muscle up for middle age.
At first I respect all tutorial for muscle up that I found, YouTube, Instagram, blog and so on. All tutorials are great and informative for me to master muscle up. Above all, I often watched and recheck one video, and from that video finally I found the good method to master muscle up.

So now let’s watch and check two videos

Muscle Up Tutorial for Middle Age

Muscle Up Tutorial by Mike Barstarzz

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Now comment on Mike’s video timeline;

0:18 pull-ups
If you can do pull-ups over 10 times, just continue to do. But if you cannot do, I strongly recommend to do B.M.L.T. Pull-ups. See this video =>
Anyway if you do B.M.L.T. Pull-Ups, you should do one by one, I never recommend to do in a row.

0:29 Dips => See Jumping Muscle Up
Regarding as Straight bar dips, see Jumping Muscle Up together.

0:42 Chest Pull-ups
Chest pull-ups is the same, try to do B.M.L.T. Pull-ups method

0:50 Kipping Pull-Ups
Just do Mike’s tutorial, you should know how to do without resistance band

0:58 Explosive Pull-ups
At first you should do one by one, if you can do well, try to do in a row

1:05 Kipping Explosive Pull-Ups
Also just do Mike’s tutorial, you should know how to do without resistance band

1:10 Kipping
Just do Mike’s tutorial

1:17 ~ 1:49
Just do Mike’s tutorial

1:50 Negative => See Jumping Muscle Up
Also regarding as Straight bar dips, see Jumping Muscle Up together.

2:06 Jumping Muscle Up
Jumping Muscle up just looks like kids play but it’s a little hard exercise for old guys. The bar in height is low, so easy to do jumping muscle up but for muscle up training you should find the bar from your eye to top head in height.
And like video you just do jumping, but after that I recommend you should add two exercise.
One is straight bar dips. If you cannot do pullover like Mike’s video(0:29), don’t worry. After jumping muscle up, you can do it.
Another is Negative Muscle up. Also you don’t need to care to do pullover. After jumping muscle up and get down from the bar, you should do negative muscle up. If you feel hard to do it, just like video to do.

2:19 In Front of Bar Jumping Muscle Up
If you feel easy to do normal jumping muscle up, try to do this.

3:15 Muscle Up
Even if you cannot do muscle up without resistance band, I recommend you should try to do muscle up with resistance band.
Because I will know how to use your body and you can feel the success to do muscle up. Both are feeling, but feeling is very important to learn the skill.

And as other Mike’s tutorial, just try to do it.

So anyway you should try to do muscle up with resistance band.
Don’t worry! Don’t give up! You can do it like me!


And finally I appreciate Mike barstarzz video


Try and just do it for what you want!

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