What I can do for you

Calisthenics Workout/Yoga

My workout method is to keep good health and then transform your body by calisthenics workout and yoga. Especially as yoga focusing breath control and then you will improve from your inner body.

Weight Loss

I never push you any diet methods, so you don’t need any diet. I just recommend some good foods or drinks I’ve experienced. You just choose from them you feel or want and try them out. If I push you to diet, just please don’t eat or drink too much.

Health habit

To transform your body and life, I help you to form new habit, it’s health habit. Because your goal, weight loss, fat burning, build muscle and so on, is based on health.

Achieve Your Goal

I want to understand your goal in more depth, so you’ll feel I often ask you many things. But it’s for you and it’s necessary to achieve your goal really.


When you’ll archive your goal, you’ll be surprised by your achievement more than you ever imaged. Because you’ll change your mind of health, you’ll know what health is.

You should know…

Everybody is different, so progress is different too. Don’t compare with other person, just compare difference yourself between yesterday and today.


I told you everybody is different, so workout program is different, yoga program is different, weight control program is also different. I’ll make you a program to match you.

Health is Everything!