Top 3 Simple Core Workout

What kind of core workouts do you like?
How many core workouts do you know?
It is very very important for transforming your body and health to train your core. But…

Many people make mistake to train core or do core workouts a long way. Life is TIME, it’s wasting time, right? So from now I introduce Top 3 tried-trusted core workouts for you. All exercises you can do while watching TV, and I strongly recommend you to do as HIIT method, especially Tabata protocol when it’s workout days.

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⠀ I cannot do hard workout yet so mainly I should do core workout for a while😓 . But it’s ok because I need more core strength. . Anyway it’s top 3 my favorite core workout. . 1️⃣ Mountain Climbers 2️⃣ Hollow Hold 3️⃣ Leg Flutters . As mountain climbers, recently I prefer to do combination version, as hollow hold I like to do resistance band version. . All exercises can do anytime anyplace so it’s my top 3 core workout. . How about you, bro? What is your favorite core workout? . #calisthenics #workout #calisthenicsworkout #calisthenicsmovement #streetworkout #bodyweight #middleage #fitness #ageisjustanumber #caliworkoutcom #fitover50 #fitover40 #workoutvideo #workoutvideos #fitnessvideo #inshot #vsco #mountainclimbers #hollowhold #legflutters #resistancebands #fitfour #phantomtrainingmask #coreworkout ⠀ ⠀ 💪🔥👊💯👊💥💪

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OK, now I comment about each exercises one by one.

1. Mountain Climbers
I like this workout and I think and believe this is one of the best core workout. Sometimes I watched the video someone do mountain climbers slowly but I strongly recommend this workout must do quickly as possible. And mountain climbers make you get your abs V-cut and fat burning and for HIIT workout you must do this workout. Just try it!

2. Hollow Hold
Hollow Hold exercise is one of the basic core workout and of the gymnasts’ training. Basically this workout is the static exercise so you can do everyday. And this workout point is that low back must be FLAT.

3. Leg Flutters
While keeping hollow hold, You flutter your legs quickly as possible.

As mountain climber, if you feel easy to do normal version, try combination version out.
As hollow hold rock, while keeping hollow hold, you must swing your body like a cradle. In this case you don’t need to swing quickly. Point is holding your body tightly.


All right, how about exercises? You think you can do while watching TV, right? You can do these workouts everyday, not only your workout day but also your rest day. Core muscles are just a little hard to train and easy to break down, so if available, I recommend you should train only core muscles everyday, especially for middle aged(over 40s).

Age is just a NUMBER! Try and just do it for what you want!



Updated: 2018/11/21

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