[Unofficial] Pull Ups by B.M.L.T.

B.M.L.T. is a secret of Ichiro Suzuki's performance.

Do you know why “Ichiro” continue to be good performance regardless of the middle age?
Don’t you know “Ichiro”? Are you kidding?
“Ichiro Suzuki”, he is a Major Leaguer, at the time of this writing, he is 43 years old and eldest player in Major League.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ichiro_Suzuki

Getting back to the point, do you know his secret why he can continue to be good player?

His secret is B.M.L.T.

B.M.L.T. is Beginning Movement Load Theory & Training.
Source: http://www.bmlt-worldwing.com/newpage2.html

Simply telling you, e.g. deadlife. We need max power when the barbell is off the floor. Look at the following picture, the state of Phase 1 need max power.

Phase 1

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deadlift

Phase 2

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deadlift

Phase 3

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deadlift

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deadlift

B.M.L.Training is the focus of the point/time to need max power! If you try to do this training continuously, you will know that your body and performance transform.

Anyway watch the following video, and after that I explain more detail.

[Unofficial] Pull-ups B.M.L.T. workout using resistance band

OK, so now I start to explain B.M.L.Training what’s using resistance band.

  1. find the bar
  2. set resistance band
  3. hook your leg resistance band and stand
  4. pull up

If you already use resistance band, you think it’s so nothing special, but it’s different just a little.

1. find the bar
Don’t use the highest bar, but find higher than your height and easy to grip the bar.

2. set resistance band
Choose resistance band, band strength is under 20kg or less from your weight. ex my weight is 72kg, green band max strength is 56kg. So select band from your weight.

3. hook your leg resistance band and stand
For safety reason, strongly recommend to use only one leg, don’t hook two legs

4. pull up
After that just do pull-ups but there are some tricks and traps;

  • Focus to use your back muscle when you pull the bar up
  • After pulling the bar up and release your foots from the ground, just raise up your body using resistance power
  • Don’t do pull-up in a row, after one pull-up you must land with each cycle

This training has effect for warm up and more reps, ex. when I do warm up, I use green resistance band(max 56kg), and want to train more reps, I use purple one(max 36kg).

In addition to this training, I will try to practice another B.M.L.Training. In turn I’ll introduce them.

Note: This site B.M.L.T. is not official, but the base of this theory, I have actually practiced some exercises I found, and truly transformed my body and performance.  So I believe you also will transform your body and performance you want if you do B.M.L.T. method.

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