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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! by Audrey Hepburn

Sometimes do you feel to get a little bored with workout?
Normally calisthenics workout routine is simple exercise but good effect for your body and health. On the other hand, somebody become bored because of simple exercise. So not only calisthenics workout but also any exercise at the gyms, this is the reason why many people can not keep at training long because of getting bored. However, any kind of workout or exercise is generally easy to become bored.

But there is a way not to feel getting bored with workout. That is “Workout Challenge”!

Workout Challenge is just workout routine but just a little different from usual routine. Maybe you feel hard to do workout challenge but it’s good for you because of some reason.

  1. You can escape boredom from workout
  2. You know how you change your body
  3. You know your weak points

I recommend you calisthenics workout for you to get more healthier, so in workout day you try to do push ups, pull ups, core exercise and so on. But anytime when you do pull ups at the same bars as usual, sometime you may feel bored. However, for changing your state of mind, you try to do pull ups e.g. at the monkey bars. Maybe you can refresh to do workout.

Not only for health but also performances if you do calisthenics workout, you should learn some skills, e.g. front lever, back lever, muscle up, planche and so on. You will get health by mastering these skills. If you master skills, you clearly know you changed. For confirmation yourself, sometimes or regularly you should do some workout challenges.

And your trying to do workout challenges including to master skills, you also clearly know your weak points. It is so hard in the beginning to complete some challenges. Maybe you will not be able to complete challenge but it’s OK! You understand you cannot do well is your training is still not enough. That’s is good for you. You understood your pull ups is not enough, just do one more rep pull up!

So I strongly do recommend you to try workout challenge regularly.

Check and follow below Challenges! These challenges support to transform your body and life.

A/N Update

Burpee Challenge => anchalle(あんチャレ) – anchan challenge – my real beginning

Monkey Bar Challenge <= coming soon

Muscle Up Challenge <= coming soon

Pull Ups Challenge <= coming soon

Core Challenge <= coming soon

Gymnastic Rings Challenge <= coming soon

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